Best Father Day – A gift bag that also looks like dad’s

A gift bag that also looks like dad’s favorite shirt? Perfect!!! All you need are paper bags, construction paper, and ribbon. Father Day is approaching, and many teachers prepare last minute gifts for their students’ dads. For this craft, each student will need paint shavings, washi tape and a keychain. We know that every student has a different family situation, but for those who want to participate, these Father’s Day crafts for kids are easy to make and don’t require expensive materials. You can’t have Father’s Day without a craft, can you? While moms can make their handprints in the shape of flowers, dads can make them in the shape of fishing rods. This charming card is easy to make. All you need are small napkins, paint and yellow pom-poms. What are some of your favorite kids’ Father’s Day crafts? Share them in the comments below. Also: our favorite books for Father’s Day. You’ll also need markers and stickers for geometric shapes. Add an ice cube and string, and you’re done! Depending on the age of the students, you might ask them to handwrite the bottom of the card to make it more personalized. Then ask them to paint the popsicle sticks, let them dry, and put the puzzle pieces in a frame. It’s very cute and easy to do. Students can draw six pages of messages; they can also use pictures to make a photocube. They can even send a list to parents for craft ideas when the school year is almost over. We love a good recycling project – maybe you have some old folders? If not, no problem Ask your students’ parents to send you some. You can also ask students to send in pictures, pages of old comics, or even hand-drawn notes. Students use stickers to decorate their mug and then write their message on it.