But when the PM College Business Development representative

But when the PM College Business Development representative listened, “she” realized that to get the most out of the training, the bank first needed to create the structure and processes that would give newly trained project managers the tools to succeed. While recognizing the importance of aligning projects and strategy, management noted that the company’s existing project management processes were ad hoc and not aligned between IT and business projects. PM Solutions is a project management service provider that helps companies apply project management and PMO practices to improve performance. Kent Crawford’s book, The Strategic Project Office, outlines plans for a corporate project management office. PM CollegeĀ® provides project management training and development programs for clients around the world. We can provide you with experienced program and project managers; experts to help you manage, lead and sustain high-level initiatives. 2012-2021 Project Management Solutions, Inc. After investing significant time in creating a robust strategic plan, the bank wanted to improve execution and implementation. In early 2015, the bank approached PM College with the idea of first developing competencies and then working on structure and methodology. He presented an overview of the banks’ problems to fellow consultants at PM Solutions and asked them to help formulate the problem and its solution. Expert intervention was seen as key to accelerating EPMO implementation as quickly as possible. Using our approach, companies can expect high quality and effective solutions as well as measurable and sustainable results. The bank, which had more than 100 branches in three states, was at a crossroads. A leading consultant quickly established a strong partnership with the new EPMO director. However, initial attempts to launch this organizational change program were unsuccessful.