First I recorded myself using the Voice Memo app on my

First, I recorded myself using the Voice Memo app on my iPhone, then converted my recordings to mp3 audio files in iTunes and uploaded them to my hard drive, changing the sharing settings so that they were available to anyone with a connection. Then when I inserted them into the slides, Google automatically created a circular audio button with a simple built-in audio player. Another tip: If you want to replace the round audio button with another image, highlight it and click Replace Image in the menu at the top. Were you able to make a copy of the Google Slideshow version? If you want to make a copy of the French example above, you can do so here: Sample Template. To link an object, such as a text box or image, select it by clicking it once and then selecting the chain link icon next to the marker in the menu above. This is a weekly diary for online education that is also available in PowerPoint and has a nice interactive menu that links to the presentation slides corresponding to the day’s activities. You can insert a hyperlink or, to link to a slide in a presentation, select the Slides in this presentation option directly below it. The SlidesMania template includes a screenshot showing how to navigate between the main menu on slide 1 and the daily activities by clicking on the menu numbers and the activity start button. However, I completely forgot about the ability to publish the presentation online, which gives you a separate link to share with your students since they don’t need to access the actual file. Good Diane – love what you’ve done with this journal! I’m having trouble editing in Google Slides. Click on the image above to download a copy to your Google Drive. Another interesting feature I use is the “Insert Audio” tool in Google Slides. I’ve found several alternatives using the Google web search and the audio badge search. Have you used the free version of Book Creator? I would like to create books like yours for my elementary school students next year, thanks for your response. If you want an icon with no background, you can preview the image to see if it has a chess background, which is usually a.svg file. Her blog, Toronto Teacher Mom, was created in 2006 and contains posts about “her” family’s adventures and reviews of the latest new products.