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For example, working on a research paper, writing a dissertation, or working on a looming deadline requires immediate attention and is categorized as a high-priority task. Imagine that you are concentrating on your dissertation, and suddenly a friend or colleague walks in and asks you to help with the work. Make a realistic plan, otherwise you will be discouraged and overwhelmed by unrealistic expectations, leading to further procrastination. If you prioritize your work, you can avoid procrastination. If you are one of those people who cannot say no when someone asks you for help, you often lose focus and become a victim of procrastination. It is advisable to determine how much time you can devote to your dissertation work and do your best in that time. These include fear of imperfection, fear of what others will say about your work, fear of the complexity of your work, fear of impending deadlines, etc. According to research, fear is the number one reason academics put off work. If you see others around you learning and working with enthusiasm, you will automatically start working with the same enthusiasm instead of procrastinating. Some of our best thoughts and ideas come to us when we’re not sitting at our desks. So take short breaks to increase your productivity and concentration, because it really helps to avoid procrastination. The best place to work on your dissertation is in the library, because you are surrounded by highly concentrated colleagues and there is no opportunity for distraction. Doctoral students most often tell you that they suffer from procrastination. If you are aware of the implications for your future, you are more likely to continue working on your dissertation. Sometimes their guilty conscience forces them to do other things instead of working on their research. Sometimes things don’t go according to plan, despite a well-thought-out schedule for doctoral studies.