From Home – As a leader you now face the difficult task of

As a leader, you now face the difficult task of leading the team through trials and changes, ensuring that everyone makes this journey with you, communicating through many new media and in many different places, oh, and you must make sure that everyone is involved and motivated. It’s about taking our team members out of their comfort zone: coffee, jokes, structure and routine, expecting them to act on the same level. As I said at the beginning, you can be productive in these hot times, but not if you plan to continue as before, but instead use these new opportunities for yourself and your teams. How can we do this? How can we maintain the productivity and well-being of ourselves and our teams? There’s a lot at stake, so now we’re focusing on environmental protection and leadership. If this applies to you, we have developed this guide to apply our 9 performance features to ninja work at home. With so much uncertainty in the air and the way we change our lives, it’s even comparable to war. We hope that these tips will help you adapt to the new environment and get the most out of your new situation. We really appreciate it because we need to ensure that business leadership is on an equal footing with individual well-being. Yesterday, I saw a schedule from the PlanetK2 team that started with “Wear your oxygen mask first”. In addition, we believe that we can be productive and do our best. It’s a bit like sending an email that ends up not going the way you want. As an employer or employee, you have to be willing to learn and improve new skills. You visit Think Productive UK To be fair, these are the hardest times in some of our lives.