Graham Alcott – And I think we can be forgiven if we also

And I think we can be forgiven if we also add these two books written by Graham Alcott, founder of Think Productive and Grace Marshall, one of our Ninja Productivity. Many of these books on leadership and management inspired our online seminar “Team Leadership Afar”. We are particularly grateful that a delegate asked us this question last week during one of our online workshops, “Team Leadership for Afar. At our seminars, we received many questions about performance and time management, which we always like to answer. As productive ninjas, we are here to take the lead with our experience, so you can discuss and choose the best way to work in a group. We have developed this course to focus on group culture and productivity rather than just personal productivity. We want to talk to you about how we can better manage your team, please contact us here. You will visit Think Productivity in the UK. They are not in a certain order and you may think we have lost one, please let us know.