He is also the founder of Techniques4Learning which uses

He is also the founder of Techniques4Learning, which uses hip-hop and culturally relevant pedagogy to develop and implement strategies, programs and activities that increase teacher and student engagement for schools, universities, educational institutions and community organizations. Listen as our team interviews leading educators, educational organizations and thought leaders today to discuss the future of teaching and learning. On this episode of the Getting Smart podcast, Getting Smart team members Mason Pashia and Shawnee Caruthers meet with Timothy Jones, a longtime educator, coach, mentor and man who lives and breathes hip-hop. It’s about how making a difference turns out to be one of the most powerful learning experiences, and about how making a difference in today’s world has never been easier or more important. The staff at Getting Smart believes in learning out loud and always standing up for what we are passionate about. This is the result of our hundreds of annual school visits where we can see high quality teaching and learning in action. New teaching models, tools, and strategies have contributed to the discovery of small, flexible school models. This series is about young people contributing and learning to change the world for the better. Episodes cover a variety of educational topics, from K-12 to higher education to lifelong learning. A comprehensive and compelling argument for making communities a place of learning for students of all ages. Each week the series asks questions about what learning and education can look like to help us present a new vision of what learning and education can be. Exploring new mechanisms, new practices, new tools, and new possibilities with support from the Walton Family Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. We report on best practices, lessons learned, and promising educational approaches. In our study, we look at what’s already happening, what’s coming, and how schools can prepare for it. We’ll explore the benefits and challenges of these exciting new models. Your email address will not be published.