Help Your Organisation – We understand that leaders are in

We understand that leaders are in a state of rapid change, team members have been freed from the uncertainty of working at home – we wanted to help them with our special 60-minute workshops on “A guide to ninja productivity while working at home,” and we are happy to have helped thousands of people around the world. We found that our values and mission now more than ever helps us not to meddle in trivial matters, not to risk our identity or even try to dance happily when the world starts to adapt to these changing times and think about what the other side will be like. What kind of message do you currently share with your clients? What do they want? What do they want to hear from you? How can your values inspire you to say and do the right thing? It’s time for us to invest in our value “Trust and good is our fuel”. To what extent are they related to the values of your business? Do they define your personal goals? Are they related to your organization’s goals? What decisions should they make personally? For me, I need to be confident in what it means to think productively. In times of chaos and uncertainty, you risk making superficial decisions, but your values are your foundation not to fall prey to an impulse that threatens to push you in all possible directions. At Think Productive as a team, we have explored what lies at the heart of our business, what is important to us and how it is embodied in our personal values. For example, if a member of our team needs to be separated to support your child’s education at home, our values will help you come to terms with that decision. Or can you read them all and apply them to your purpose and business role? This ensures coherence within the organization and brings clarity in times of change. If you are a leader and are adapting to life in a new remote work environment, we will be happy to help you. Every bold change in the direction of your organization means the loss of old ways of working, which are often part of the organization’s DNA. I think it’s fair to say that many companies are currently experimenting with the equivalent of plant transformation, whether it’s due to business needs, supply chain availability or technical limitations. If their teams are working from a distance, they can start their meetings or meet daily, each of them is learning their state of mind on that day. Together they could celebrate how their values are reflected in their work. We use this opportunity to teach our ninja people knowledge so that we are ready to meet the current and future needs of our clients.