However when ADHD medications are used as prescribed by

However, when ADHD medications are used as prescribed by qualified professionals, they can greatly improve the lives of people who suffer from the daily problems associated with the disorder, a fact that is often overlooked in media reports. Much of what we read in the media about ADHD medications has more to do with abuse than with their use by those who actually benefit from them. There are also different classes of ADHD medications, each designed to treat different symptoms. As you consider your options, remember that ADHD medications, like all medications, have risks. In our article, “Let’s Talk Frankly About ADHD Medications,” Dr. H. What’s worse, there are many different types of ADHD, making it difficult to recognize, diagnose and treat correctly. Yes, they can be prescribed too often by some professionals who don’t have enough knowledge to properly diagnose and treat ADHD. Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities┬« is a registered trademark of Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities, Inc. However, they can be important and effective when used as part of a comprehensive treatment plan that may include behavioral therapy, healthy lifestyle changes, and appropriate educational activities. Medications for ADHD are not a cure-all on their own. For these reasons, it is important to be aware of the risks and work with your doctor to minimize negative side effects. This article is not medical, legal, technical or therapeutic advice and is not intended as a substitute for expert diagnosis, consultation or therapy. Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities┬«, Inc. Westport, Connecticut, USA. And yes, some students routinely abuse these medications to improve their performance on a particular test or task.