It has a small separate bedroom and common accommodation

It has a small separate bedroom and common accommodation for the rest of the crew. The Hall of Chiefs is the largest building; it is twice the size of Eirik the Red’s house in Greenland and the same size as the Hall of Chiefs in Iceland. The jasper in the twig shows that this occupation came from Iceland. This hall contains a large storage room, probably for furs and perishable foods. The house is low status housing and a place to prepare peat ore for smelting. One of the rooms was filled with slag and may have been used for iron working. This large room was built for a person of high social status. Probably the head of the expedition and “his” team lived in this room. Judging by the jasper shards around the fire, they were from Iceland. The hut was probably used by the women as a workshop and probably also as housing. The smallest of the three rooms was probably built for a group of workers. The other room was filled with remnants of wood inside and out. The stone weights inside may have been part of a loom. Nearby was a charcoal kiln. The quantity and nature of the slag found indicate single smelting.