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To some extent one’s life is shaped by one’s environment, heredity, movements and changes in the world around one; then there comes a point when “one” has the power to set the tone of his life the way he “wants” it to be. OVERALL IDEAS have the power to broaden perspectives, change mindsets, and make things happen. “Asking the question, “What do I want in life?” – and knowing that you only get what you put into it is the sign of a mature person. Derivative works and any other unauthorized copying or use of still images, videos, text or graphics is strictly prohibited. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more ideas about leadership and personal development. Only the weak blame their parents, their race, their time, bad luck or the vicissitudes of fate. For more ideas, check out the LeadingThoughts index. Find these ideas every Thursday on the LeadingThoughts blog. If you follow the link and buy something, we’ll get a small commission on the sale. The Amazon links on this page are affiliate links. This link is for your convenience and, more importantly, to help support our work here. We thank you for using these links. Everyone has an opportunity to say, “This is who I am today, this is who I will be tomorrow.”