Microsoft Planner – If you’re looking for software like

If you’re looking for software like Microsoft Planner but want more features and more robust project management tools, try It has the same functionality as Microsoft Planner, plus robust project management features. It’s like taking the powerful Microsoft Planner Kanban board and adding Gantt charts, real-time dashboards and powerful collaboration tools for a complete project management experience. Specifically, Microsoft Planner, part of the Office 365 suite, is a major player in the project planning software market. While Microsoft Planner is a good tool for simple projects, it has major drawbacks when it comes to project management. MS Planner is part of the toolkit that Microsoft offers project managers and their teams. Microsoft Planner is a tool that allows you to combine project elements and create a project plan with a beginning, middle and end. For professionals, MS Planner can be viewed as an entry-level application to Microsoft Project, Teams, and Sharepoint. Before deciding which tool to use to manage your next project, let’s take a look at what works and what doesn’t in Microsoft Planner. To learn more about our award-winning project management software, visit our homepage and check out our robust features – you’ll quickly see why organizations like NASA and Volvo trust us to plan their projects. As mentioned above, Microsoft Planner is part of MS Office 365 Business Essentials. Microsoft Planner is available for all Microsoft 365 Enterprise, Education, Business Essentials and Business Premium plans. From a project management perspective, it can help project managers and their teams create plans and assign tasks. In the planning world, there’s no shortage of software that can help you plan and execute your project. In general, these features are useful for planning and even executing projects, although they don’t provide the level of control that project managers need to manage resources, budgets, etc. The Microsoft Planner interface uses the task maps in the Kanban board interface. These are just some of the features available: let’s take a look at what Microsoft Planner is all about.