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What is the best part of these advanced training courses? They’re all free! If you are not in Texas, you should check if the courses are accepted in your state. Capella makes it easy to earn refresher points with 20 free refresher courses. Again, make sure your state accepts the hours of these courses if you attend them to earn a certain number of hours. The PBS TeacherLine offers opportunities to meet the needs of any teacher, from self-directed short courses to more intensive courses lasting 15, 30 and 45 hours. Need more ideas to give your students the opportunity to publish their writing online? Digital storytelling: The Online Tools for Exchange of Student Voices course is a great option. Depending on the status of your academic license, you will need to complete a refresher course every one or two years to get an active reference to the status of your license. Become a certified 1st or 2nd level Google Instructor by completing these hours of professional development. Make sure your status takes edWeb hours before investing in webinar hours. With webinars and educational courses, edWeb offers a variety of courses that address current educational topics while meeting your time requirements. Don’t worry, I have done some research for you and added 5 online professional development opportunities that can work. Teachers can earn professional development points for courses they attend themselves. The courses are designed to help you better understand how to use Google tools in class. Online Learning + Teacher Development – As distance learning is likely to become more common, this is a great way to learn more about the tools and platform that so many schools use to make their teaching easier. With limited time it can be difficult to find worthwhile programmes and give you the right hours. If you want a master’s degree, you can apply for a degree from Chapela University.