Our team of PhD specialists and certified editors conduct a

Our team of PhD specialists and certified editors conduct a full, line-by-line review of your references and check for in-text citations that are often overlooked and do not meet program and rubric requirements. Our team of PhDs and editors use a peer-review system that includes a full, line-by-line review of references and verification of written work that is often overlooked and does not meet rubric requirements. We provide professional support to doctoral students at all stages of the review process, with particular attention to the dissertation writing process. Graduate students spend years of their lives preparing, writing, revising, and defending their dissertation or doctoral thesis. Your proposal should include a review of the existing literature on your topic and a description of the methodology you will use to conduct your research. When writing your dissertation, a good editor who makes line corrections in a timely manner and scrutinizes the content is invaluable. Ultimately, this means less time spent in the PhD program, which means financial savings, peace of mind, and confidence that your proposal will be edited and reviewed by qualified and competent professionals. In my experience, the Scholars Professional Editing Group team consistently provides editing services that satisfy these three basic elements. When I started the program, I had a nine-page outline for the first chapter and nothing for the literature review. Thanks to the motivation of the research team, I was able to submit a total of 34 pages last Sunday. The submitted dissertation contains a preliminary topic or problem statement, a research approach, and references. Using our editing and coaching services can ease the stressful process by teaching skills and providing tools that reduce the number of editing cycles required. Recently, a concerned colleague referred me to a program that “she” thought could help me move forward with my thesis proposal because I was stuck and unmotivated. Writing a dissertation proposal can be a complicated process.