PROUD Thursday Online – Another important feature of our

Another important feature of our interactivity in learning is the ease with which staff members can support each other and enhance student learning: Teaching assistants are assigned to and participate in classes remotely to support specific students, and senior staff members can participate in classes to encourage and support staff and students. They use the chat function as a discussion forum and as a means to communicate model responses and praise to students and their viewers, model responses, and share student work for review and collaborative learning. A strong culture of praise is at the heart of our program and is an essential aspect of all classes. It is human nature to respond well when someone says, “You did a good job, so we make sure our students get that statement.” We also post our feedback online, with live assessments in which students can participate directly, which means the staff can provide more personal and direct feedback than in a traditional face-to-face class. We will not allow school closures to cause students to lose such a positive aspect of academic life, which is why we have introduced PROUD Thursdays online. To ensure consistent delivery of classes, we have devoted much of our staff training to the teaching and learning aspects of streaming so that we can make the most of what our online platform has to offer. The Dean explains how “your” school has worked to align the curriculum with the online platform and ensure students’ well-being while learning at home. We are proud of the way our students and staff have approached the “new normal” with positivity and openness, allowing them to not only adapt and survive, but to adapt and become successful. This means a great deal to our students and staff as we continue our strong worship culture. Offline, our incredible support and pastoral staff makes about a thousand phone calls a week to make sure we are there for our families when they need us. Students complete their classes in online workbooks that are personalized for each class and can be modified for each student. The sound of applause often dominates the hallways of our academies, and the highlight of our student weeks are PROUD events organized by students where they share their work with senior staff and congratulate them on their accomplishments. Parents and teachers write praise messages to students, which we then share publicly. Students email their work and receive positive comments and congratulations as well as a certificate.