Some people find the transition period – understandably –

Some people find the transition period – understandably – daunting, and they need time to get to grips with the differences between education and work. In “her” concise and insightful article, “The Mental Idea of Noun Danger,” Vishen Lakhiani addresses the fact that people are more than the labels we attach to them. Let’s set aside labels and ridiculous judgments and try to really understand people and the motives behind their behavior. But if we go further, we will find that people are far more complex than the simple labels we hastily put on them. In other words, these snap judgments satisfy our need to categorize and label people in everyday situations. It can also lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy where other people abandon the person and they become isolated. The bottom line is that labeling people like this is a bad idea. After all, labels prevent us from truly seeing and understanding people. However, a person deserves a fair chance to prove a point without unfair prejudice. For one thing, it can lead other people to see them in a less favorable light. And the truth is, this person has only been working for nine months. So “she” needs time to transition from full-time training to full-time work. I have come to the conclusion that such sweeping judgment is very unfair. As Vishen points out, it ultimately leads to a better understanding of the world. After all, they may not be satisfied with their current position and find better opportunities elsewhere. Immediately labeling them negatively is not helpful for several reasons.