Summer MEGA HUGE – Watch out people Things are slowly

Watch out, people! Things are slowly improving in Canada, people are getting vaccinated, but the world is not yet back to normal. Take time this summer to help those with more free time. Summer vacation is a precious time for students. Caribbean food vegan food, Korean food, music and even beer and cider. One of my favorite parts of summer is trying new foods and drinks. We get in the car and head to a neighboring town for the weekend. Even if you put it off until the last minute, you can always take the Labor Day weekend off as a last hurrah before classes start. Between work and summer classes, this is something you need to do before summer is over. My experience in public relations, communications, blogging and social media has helped me develop strong public speaking, writing, leadership and social media skills. We don’t know what this summer will be like, so only follow all of these recommendations if you can keep yourself safe. Between walking, studying and working all summer long, it’s okay to want a day off. In most of Canada, the cold weather lasts much longer than the heat, so enjoy the warmth and sunshine while you can. Beware of restrictions, however, many places are still closed and some require reservations. I am looking for a position that will allow me to promote, advocate or address important social issues and use my communication skills to effect change. I am a second-year graduate student at Carleton University and a communications major with a passion for using communication to make positive change.