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Jeff talked about the various Coursera programs launched since COVID-19 including the Coursera Campus Recovery initiative, which helped universities quickly transition to online learning through free access to Coursera for Campus; the Workforce Recovery initiative, which gave unemployed workers free access to Coursera content through a partnership with the government; and ongoing social impact programs coordinated with nonprofit and non-governmental organizations to help populations who would not have had access to a quality education. Trent recalled the economic and gender disparities that prevented her from getting the education she dreamed of, and described how her mother’s support inspired her to achieve her goal of going to the United States and earning a bachelor’s, then a master’s and finally a doctorate. Coursera provides universal access to the world’s best education and partners with leading universities and organizations to offer online courses. He talked about how Coursera is in a unique position to identify emerging trends through partnerships with governments, businesses and universities around the world, and discussed how we can use our knowledge to create more opportunities and careers for students from all walks of life. Specifically, he talked about how the need for skills, learning and cultural change has led Orange to give its employees access to quality education. In her session with Coursera’s Kyle Clark, she stressed the importance of learning and unlearning, noting that we all have preconceived notions of shame that can hinder our growth, and explained that we must be willing to separate that shame from failure. This year’s virtual formula accomplished something extraordinary: thousands of people from around the world came together with a common goal: to create a more just world through education. In conversation with Emily Glassberg-Sands, VP of Data Science at Coursera, Steve Jarrett, SVP of Data and AI at Orange, talked about digital transformation and the challenges of continuing education in digital organizations. Thank you to our speakers, panelists, and attendees for dedicating your time to the Coursera 2021 conference. We were honored to speak to a great panel of experts at the Coursera 2021 conference. Tererai Trent gave a personal and powerful speech about the importance of coming together to create opportunities through education. Jeff Majioncalda, CEO of Coursera, made the conference memorable with his keynote speech and the informal discussion that followed. According to the World Economic Forum [WEF], more than a billion people in the world are in need of retraining or retraining. I had the honor of hosting the ninth annual Coursera conference. To be competitive, productive and inclusive in the workplace, everyone must embrace the need for change, including the adoption of new and different ideologies.