The Learning Mixer – Holly appeared in episode 17 in which

Holly appeared in episode 17, in which Casey and Holly gave an ISTE presentation on on “The Learning Mixer”, combining Holly’s “Classroom Infusion” concept with Casey’s “Dynamic Learning” concept. Take the whole campus or area with Suite G! Help teachers learn more about G-Suite, Google Classroom and useful technology integration strategies. In this book, Holly presents 20 great tools to help teachers and students learn and teach remotely. COVID-19 has led many teachers and schools looking for tools to create online work and digital learning, and G-Suite was the first to do so. In this episode, Casey interviews Holly Clarke about her new book The Chromosome-Book Infused Classroom. We have a lot of programs that can help your teachers intelligently integrate Google tools and the whole G suite into their classes. Holly is the author of The Google Infused Classroom, The Microsoft Infused Classroom, and now “your” new book The Chromebook Infused Classroom. She is a certified teacher with the National Board of Education, a Google certified innovator, and currently the director of training at The Infused Classroom, Inc. and now her new work The Chromebook Infused Classroom. When we return to a new normal life, G-Suite’s capabilities will help lay the foundation for more dynamic and meaningful classroom learning. It continues to spend time teaching in classrooms where “it” can better help teachers and schools put students at the center of the learning process. Holly consults with schools around the world on a blended learning environment that combines meaningful pedagogy with strategic use of technology. Google’s Infused Classroom focuses on making thinking visible, while Chromebook’s Infused Classroom focuses on student-centered classes and things like making students curious. Real-time resources and learning help teachers, students and parents overcome the crisis. Chromebook Infused Classroom is a resource you’ll keep coming back to.