While the pandemic growth of investing in learning

While the pandemic growth of investing in learning technology has focused on financial return, the focus is increasingly on impact – both on learners and on financial return. Dan is co-founder and managing director of Achieve Partners, an investment fund that uses digital transformation to create new learning models and pathways to good work. Before Zeal, Nasir Qadri led AT&Ts social impact fund, and was previously head of education at Village Capital, a seed capital fund for impact projects. Nasir Qadri is founder and managing partner of Zeal Capital Partners, an investment firm that works with entrepreneurs to bridge the wealth and skills gap in America. Listen to our team interview leading educators, educational organizations and thought leaders talking about the future of teaching and learning. The focus is on the fact that making a difference is proving to be one of the most powerful types of learning, and that making a difference in today’s world is easier and more important than ever. Global investment in learning technology reached $18.8 billion in the first half of 2021, surpassing the historic level of 2020, and new models, tools and learning strategies have helped open up small, agile school models. You can’t tell me that there are only four black women in the U.S. making $1 million or more in venture capital, we are clearly in the early stages of a capital allocation coup. The episodes cover a variety of topics related to K-12 education, higher education and lifelong learning. They are the result of our hundreds of annual visits to schools where we see high-quality teaching and learning in action. Each week, this E se series asks thought-provoking questions about what learning and education can be. This series focuses on young people’s contributions and learning to make a difference. The staff at Getting Smart believes in learning out loud and always advocating for what we are passionate about. A comprehensive and compelling argument for making communities a place of learning for students of all ages. In 2020, U.S. education companies raised more than $2.2 billion in venture capital and equity capital in 130 deals, up nearly 30 percent from 2019.