Zoom Features – Activate the “Lounge” feature in your Zoom

Activate the “Lounge” feature in your Zoom Account settings so that students cannot attend your Zoom meeting before they arrive. To use adjacent rooms in Zoom mode, you need to have “adjacent rooms” enabled in your Zoom account settings. If you plan to record your Zoom Meetings, enable it by default in your account settings. At my school, students participate in Zoom or Google Meet at least two days a week early in the year. You can find the whiteboard feature on the menu to share your screen when you call Zoom. For more information on using Zoom sidebar, see this webinar recorded by Rushton Hurley of Next Vista for Learning. When you zoom in, you can divide participants into small conversation groups and then combine them into one large group. Here is a video about how to make a video with green aling. When the new school year starts, there will be many more calls in the future with the zoom in. Watch this video to learn how to activate the waiting room feature. This video shows how to use the whiteboard has a built-in whiteboard that you can use at any time during the meeting. If this sounds familiar, here are some reminders about zoom functions and how to use them. You can use the virtual background as a way to create a green video screen. You can also use the lounges to make sure no one is present at your meeting without your permission. This option allows you to place an image of your choice instead of the default background displayed on your webcam.