A nationally recognized authority on student loan law and

A nationally recognized authority on student loan law and policy, Adam has built numerous relationships with consumer advocates, government agencies, elected officials, media groups, and nonprofit organizations to advocate for student loan borrowers. While these initiatives may help students pay for the cost of their future education, they do little to address the broader problem – the $1.8 trillion in unpaid student debt that more than 40 million borrowers have. Earlier this year, Target TGT announced it would reimburse 100 percent of tuition and textbooks to employees earning bachelor’s degrees at 40 participating institutions, as well as $10,000 a year for graduate students. Minsky is an advocate, innovator and entrepreneur who founded a unique law firm devoted entirely to helping borrowers and their families. Lawmakers and the Biden administration continue to look for ways to address student loan debt, including bankruptcy reform, reviewing existing student loan forgiveness and repayment programs, and eliminating student loans altogether. State-subsidized and employer-supported tuition programs at community colleges and traditional four-year colleges and universities could play an important role in reducing reliance on student loans to fund degrees and programs. The proposal would cover 100 percent of tuition, but not other higher education costs such as housing and books. Walmart WMT also announced that it would pay 100 percent of tuition and books for its employees. Among many initiatives, Democrats are proposing a free two-year universal community college, a key policy goal of President Biden. I’m an attorney who specializes in helping borrowers. The company plans to pay full tuition and textbooks for 750,000 of its hourly borrowers. This week, Amazon AMZN became the latest major national company to offer free training to its employees. Amazon announced that it will offer free training to 750,000 of its employees. We know that investing in free training for our teams can have a significant impact on hundreds of thousands of families across the country,” said Dave Clark, Amazon’s chief consumer officer worldwide.