Best STEM Challenge – If you are interested in density

If you are interested in density, fluctuation or the Archimedes principle, then this STEM task is ideal for a practical study of what density really means. In addition to the scientific warm-up and text exercises, I have included as follow-up activities to expand the mathematics. Think more and use soft skills Students will have to use HOTS to solve this technical problem, but they will also have to learn important soft skills such as endurance and teamwork. Click on one of the images below to learn more about STEM problems from other STEM teachers. Improving the initial design is an important part of any STEM problem. Why teachers love this STEM challenge is not only a practical part, but also a fun part. Students should use what they have learned from scientific experience in aluminium and apply it to their boat. This is one of my favorite STEM challenges that I do with students. Thinking about STEM growth and problems also goes hand in hand. As you can see in the image above, this group of students decided to try some extra material to see if they can increase the buoyancy of their cargo ships. Since this task can only be done with foil, there is still room for ideas for improvement and adaptation. This is a challenging task that works well outdoors, because it is simply easier to test boats in the water if they are easy to store. I am a mother of two, teaching at home and creating MINT tools for the next generation of engineers. It’s also a great activity that can be easily linked to social science concepts, whether you’re interested in research, Mayflower or transport history. They also understand that stability plays an important role in building their ships. “I love the depth of this work! It takes you step by step through basic concepts and is easy to use.