From help and record-keeping to student management and participation, the laboratory controller provides convenience and flexibility for teachers to focus on their primary goal: to help their students become better musicians. It’s a great way for students to learn a new piece of music together, with one student playing with their right hand and the other with their left hand. Each student station has a laboratory control unit with a “Call” button that allows students to keep the teacher’s attention at all times during the lesson. Students who study music work well together: they encourage each other, learn from each other and play together. If students are in different places, it is easy to move the symbols of the students in the application, according to the design of the class. With the help of laboratory controllers, teachers can work with individual students, connect them, or create separate groups for learning and playing together. This can be useful if the teacher wants to show the student a video on YouTube or other websites or to allow the class to participate in classroom activities. Encouraging students to listen to different sounds each time they play music motivates them to play music many times. Additional components, such as computers and equipment, can be integrated into the lab system so that students can listen to other types of lessons through headphones. For daily lesson management, the Lab Controller application can be used to record attendance manually or by calling students on arrival. Although students in the classroom usually start at the same level, they move at different speeds, so it can be difficult to have a lesson that works for the whole class. When students play together, they become better visual players because they learn to progress through music, even if they make mistakes. The basic game lab controller includes devices for eight students and a rotating tool for the teacher. The controller and application are very flexible and offer teachers many different and exciting ways to teach and engage students. Background tracks can be played using the Lab Controller application so that students can hear them through headphones. Students can talk to each other and listen to each other’s tools.