It was 2012 and Focus Features sent me and about three

It was 2012, and Focus Features sent me and about three dozen other journalists straight to the beach in Cannes to interview Wes Anderson for “his” latest film, Sunrise Kingdom. Anderson and “his” producer Jeremy Dawson managed to animate excerpts from six books written by the director, book-cover style, in six weeks, a record time for an animated film. Although Susie reads excerpts from three books in the film, Anderson originally had a much broader vision: at one point in the process, as “he” read excerpts from the books, “he” told Entertainment Weekly. “Moonrise” is set on the remote island of New Penzance in 1965 and tells the love story between Sam, a burly Boy Scout wearing a raccoon fur hat, and Susie, a troubled teen with a penchant for saddle shoes, raccoon eye makeup and, most important, books. Anderson puts books at the center of the film, giving them titles such as “Jupiter’s Daughter” or “The Disappearance of the Sixth Grade.” Although the film is full of symmetrical shots, cheeky sets and quirky juxtapositions, it never feels like self-parody, unlike some of “his” earlier films–remember “The Darjeeling Limited.” Here you’ll find the free courses and audiobooks you need, language courses and instructional videos, and lots of other information.