Mark Brackett founding director of the Yale Center for

Mark Brackett, founding director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and a leader in the development of RULER, a systematic and evidence-based approach to social and emotional learning, explores where students are today and how to reach them. Mark is the lead developer of RULER, a systematic and evidence-based approach to social-emotional learning that has been adopted by more than 2,000 public, private and nonprofit K-12 schools in the United States and other countries, including Australia, China, England, Italy, Mexico and Spain. With Facebook, Mark has developed a number of products including: social conflict resolution tools to help adults and youth resolve online conflicts; the Harassment Prevention Center to support educators, families and youth; and InspirED, an open-source resource center to help students create positive change in their schools. RULER infuses social and emotional learning into the school’s immune system, improving the way school administrators lead, teachers teach, students learn, and families nurture children. Disclosure of important links: This is a sponsored episode of the podcast. The company sponsoring this article paid me a monetary compensation, gift, or anything else of value for including a link to their product. In today’s show, Eric Courts talks about Google Classroom, Google Docs, and other Google apps, what’s new about them, and how these changes will improve education this school year. Social-emotional learning is not just for students; this episode is about teachers. Thomas began “his” career in education as a math teacher in Kansas City Public Schools through Teach For America and as a member of Education Pioneers in Achievement First Public Schools. These are tough times, but why not try to find a normal life in the midst of those challenges? Michelle Blanchette, co-author of the Startup Teacher Playbook, talks about the method “she” teaches teachers to identify specific problems so improvements can be made and the teacher can experience progress. Research shows that RULER improves academic performance, reduces school problems such as bullying, improves classroom climate, reduces teacher stress and burnout, and improves teachers’ classroom practices.