Project Transformation Identified – Identified problems and

Identified problems and practical solutions. Around each transformation process there is a force field, which Levin described as a driving and deterrent force. Management subsystem: This subsystem includes vision, beliefs, leadership style, decision making, communication flow, appetite for organizational risks and the degree of leadership involvement in the transformation process. It can be taken into account from the very beginning when collecting and interpreting information. These aspects should be considered from the identification of opportunities or problems to the development of a viable and meaningful solution. The team is involved in this. Those who will lead and participate in the project, as well as those who will be affected by the changes, should be taken into account. To achieve change, these forces must be balanced so that the drivers are strengthened and the deterrents weakened. Excellent ideas. Once agreed at the highest level, the final goal is usually considered and the way forward is determined. Moderate action. Limit implementation efforts to always act with high impact and low complexity. Voices on Project Management offers ideas, advice, tips and personal stories from project managers from different regions and industries. Environment subsystem: represents the impact of the external environment on the organization, the organizational context itself, and the strategic direction of competition. If you analyze “your” approach to the intervention, known as “case study”, which is iterative and retrospective to learn and improve, you will understand why. The organisational development, created by Kurt Levin in the 1940s, is a discipline that covers the management of organisational change. In addition, smooth implementation provides positive inertia to the change process. Change efforts need to be approached in a balanced and systematic manner. This ensures that results are achieved in a way that the organization can use them, while gaps and risks are minimized. In addition, a social fabric needs to be created to make the project possible.