While project teams are usually formed to execute a

While project teams are usually formed to execute a specific project and disband at the end of that project, social media campaign teams typically do not have a specific start and end date. However, many companies develop social media campaigns to increase their customer base and create project teams to do so. As long as social media is such a powerful marketing tool, these teams will exist. Before the details of a project can be determined, an audit of the current social media presence should be conducted. Although they have other responsibilities within our organization, they devote some time each week to our social media efforts. The overall goal of a social media campaign, of course, is to build brand awareness and increase followers. And they understand that every campaign they run is not about selling something, but about building brand awareness, engaging the target audience, and engaging that audience socially. We have an established team of social media marketers. You need to identify where your target audience is on social media and focus on those platforms. For example, there may be specific targets for each social media platform a company is on. Many of us start our mornings and end our days on social media before we start the work day and before bedtime. There are several social media measurement tools that are provided by the platforms themselves. If you provide them before the project team gathers, all team members can use these tools to analyze and optimize their individual efforts. Steps for managing social media campaigns1. Brands understand the power of social media. It goes without saying that the entire team must understand the mission and goals of the campaign project.