Will Change – Most days I would leave for work and come

Most days I would leave for work and come home to hide from the world, but today I’m focused on finishing the course I started with Mark and Angel last year, which was put on hold. I even canceled our training sessions. In retrospect, I’m angry! But I thank you for your letter and for allowing me to call again next month. Over the past ten years, through our blog, Back to Happiness course, live events and side projects, Angel and I have been blessed with wonderful stories shared with us by people all over the world. “This morning while standing in line at the grocery store where I work, a very agitated elderly woman discovered thatshe’ had six dollars left to pay forher’ groceries, andshe’ had no other means of payment with her. Instead of pondering my frustration, I thought about others I could help: I thought about writing a new article on marcandangel.com. Finding small ways to help others helps me get out of my self-centered mindset, and then I no longer wallow in self-pity, but start thinking about what others need. I have completely changed the way I live, giving up people, places and things that would not enrich my new life. Dear Mark and Angel, I find it so hard to find kindness! I try to be respectful, listen carefully and take random actions, but then in a moment of frustration I bite someone’s head off or spit out a sarcastic, hurtful and unnecessary response, and all the relationships I have built quickly disappear. The bottom line is that finding a way to give something back, to show a little kindness and generosity, has made a huge difference in my life this morning. I’ve been reading your work for about three years now, but I’ve never left a comment on your blog. This last year has been the hardest year of my life, there were moments when I wanted to die. I too live on the east coast of Florida, and while I am sometimes overwhelmed by the vastness of the view, especially when I feel powerless, I know enough to use some of the skills I have learned from you and Angel over the years to try to appreciate the beauty around me. I will use this time to work on myself: making my own decisions, paying attention to my family and friends, and giving that new sense of independence back to others. “Tonight an elderly man with a guide dog walked into the store where I work, walked up the greeting card aisle, picked up the letter, held it very close to “his” face and struggled to read it. Leave a comment below and tell us in a few sentences how kindness and generosity have impacted your life. Mark and Angel, your course and lessons have made me a kinder and more generous person to the people I love most and have greatly improved my relationships. Sometimes your letters tell me exactly what I need to hear in my life situation to help me or guide me on this journey of our lives.