Wind Powered Sailboat – What skills do students work on To

What skills do students work on? To accomplish this task, students must not only follow the technical design process, but also work together and eventually make various adjustments to improve their sail design. Warning: You may get wet with this STEM call. Why try to take on this challenge? Students will not only design something useful, but will also improve their spatial reasoning and mathematical skills by designing and shaping their pot. Learn more about science in this STEM challenge. Let your students explore the drag and drop theme. You can even inspire your students to create a life-size garden where you can plant your favourite flowers, plants or vegetables. Students can design their boats using aluminium foil, ice sticks, pieces of plastic egg crates and so on. You can split the container for racing tracks if you want your students to race their boats. The boat should not only float, but also move with the wind. You have to use the sailing material and attach it to the boat. You also need a table fan to blow the wind. You will need a bathtub, a storage container, a children’s pool and so on. Follow the advice of Meredith Anderson from Pinterest Engineering and Technology for Children. As a mother of two, I teach at home and create MINT tools so that the next generation of engineers can meet the challenge. Be careful when using a fan near water. I used a piece of pipe insulation.